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Hey my wonderful girls who took incredible outstanding care of my precious baby girl who is now 12 1/2 (McKenzie Shrivalle) Barbara and Susan you made every day easier and easier to go to work knowing she was in such incredible care. Thank you Michelle for hiring the best woman in town and was so blessed to have you in my llife as well when McKenzie was growing up. Love to you all, miss you Monica Shrivalle
Our daughter was at Hyer Street from the time she was 13 weeks old until she was 4. We think she got a terrific start there. We transferred her to one of the most respected preschools in Central Florida and the other parents were shocked that this new kid from "day care" could write her name beautifully, that she was comfortable in her own skin, that she was an attentive listener and got along so well with others. These things I directly attribute to the compassionate and attentive care she received at Hyer Street. Today, she graduated from elementary school. Our creative and fun little girl has already turned into a well rounded young lady who excels on stage and in the classroom and is a role model to her peers. Thanks to Michelle and the rest of the Hyer Street teachers! We could not have asked for a better start for our child.
I was very hesitant about putting my son Trent in any daycare at only 2 months old, but I had to go back to work. Ms. Barbara and Ms. Ellen were absolutely wonderful in helping us transition Trent, along with myself and my husband, into a new routine and helped us feel at ease. He is now almost 9 months old and loves his new classroom and his new teachers are absolutely wonderful.He learns so much, and we do too being first time parents. I cannot express how much we love Hyer Street Skool and the love & care they give our son.
Hyer Street Skool is an icon of quality childcare and child nurturing in Orlando, Florida. I am so proud of this fine establishment! Hyer Street Skool’s Mission Statement is a model for other childcare businesses to look up to and has the values of caring for our future, our children. Michelle, the owner and creator of Hyer Street Skool, put her mindful thoughts of nurturing children into action and cares for the women who care for our children very well. My own daughter, Rhea went to Hyer Street Skool and now my dear grandson, Oliver, is a student. My daughter is now 25 and her attendance there speaks volumes for consistency, high values of fairness, kindness and basic skills, that I hold dear.

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